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Ice Cream At Its Best!

What is Frozen Custard?


Quite simply, Frozen Custard is a rich, premium ice cream made with extra egg yolk and blended using a specialized custard creating process.  


Shake’s Frozen Custard uses all-natural ingredients, pure Madagascar vanilla, extra egg yolk and a brief heating process to make our custard mix. Shake’s never uses commercial ice cream additives and fillers such as imitation vanilla or gluten in order to skimp on costs and compromise our flavor and consistency.

Another difference between Frozen Custard and ice cream is the creation process. Ice cream is made using a process called overrun, in which air is blended into the mixture of ingredients until its volume increases by approximately 100%, meaning that half of the final product is composed of air.

Shake’s Frozen Custard is blended with overrun as low as 15%.  The low percentage of overrun and the egg yolk give Frozen Custard a thick, creamy texture and a smoother, softer consistency than ice cream.  It is interesting to note that the 10% butterfat in Shake’s Frozen Custard is less than the 14% to 16% butterfat found in most premium ice creams.  Shake’s Frozen Custard has a creamy texture without the extra fat!

Finally, Frozen Custard is best when eaten fresh!  That is why Shake’s Frozen Custard is made fresh though out the day.  You can even watch us make the Frozen Custard through our window.  But the proof of our freshness is in the taste, and our loyal customers are the best judges.